Dear visitors to Mary’s Trsat!

I am glad to see a great number of both personal and group pilgrimages to the Shrine of Trsat. I know that one does not have to persuade people very much to go on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Trsat. It is great not only in terms of the number of pilgrims, but also and especially by the spirituality one experiences here. This is the original spirituality of Mary, permeated with Franciscan simplicity, evangelic humanity and sensitivity. The Shrine is viewed this way both by believers and those who still do not consider themselves of the faith. Therefore, they come here and return with pleasure, gladness and contentment. One should not forget anything which is of signifi cance for Trsat. However, today, it is very important to understand the tradition surrounding the connection between Trsat and Nazareth. This tradition concerns the connection of every visitor to Mary’s Trsat, especially pilgrims, with the Holy Nazareth family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

From my heart, I wish that the visitors to the Shrine of Trsat may experience God’s gift of new hope, meaning and faith, even if the visit be short. While they view the church, the chapel of votive offering, the cloisters, and maybe even the interior of the monastery, let the pages of history turn before their eyes and promote those deeds which incite beauty and admiration. I also wish that all may experience the truth that Trsat is an oasis of peace and renewal.

mons. Ivan Devčić, the Archbishop of Rijeka

Ul. Frankopanski Trg 12 HR – 51 000 Rijeka Hrvatska